Not all microblading removal is created equal

Laser removal is the safest and fastest way to remove unwanted microblading and other cosmetic permanent makeup. At Inklifters, we use the Candela PicoWay Laser. This laser system provides ultra-short pulse durations to remove unwanted microblading ink, while leaving the rest of the skin tissue and hair follicles intact and safe.

Our laser technicians are experts in removing microbladed eyebrows and other permanent cosmetic tattoos. At Inklifters, we can treat multiple ink colors and skin types. We also offer our patients FREE consultations and package pricing. Book your free consultation online with us today.

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Is laser removal for microbladed eyebrows different from traditional eyebrow tattoo?

Laser eyebrow removal differs depending on the technique used by your artist for eyebrow tattoo application. With traditional eyebrow tattooing, the artist uses a traditional tattoo machine to apply eyebrow tattoos. Traditional tattooed eyebrows can be harder to remove because of how deep the ink was inserted into the skin, so patients may require more sessions.

On the other hand, microbladed eyebrows are a modern method for tattooing eyebrows. This method the artist uses a static blade rather than a traditional tattoo machine to apply hair-like strokes under the dermis of your skin. Microbladed eyebrows typically appear more natural and this type of eyebrow tattoo is much easier to remove. Laser microblading removal usually requires less sessions compared to traditional eyebrow tattoo removal.

Wondering if we can remove your eyebrow tattoo? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced laser technicians. During your consultation, your Inklifer laser technician will create a customized treatment plan and give you a price quote.

"I am SO impressed with my results already and I still have some recovery time. I did microblading tattoo removal on my eyebrows. The atmosphere at the spa is awesome. Very friendly staff and clean office. I am so happy I went here!!"
E. Fitts
Inklifters Client
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