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Better Results. Fewer Treatments.

Wondering how much it would cost to remove your tattoo? Traditional laser tattoo removal required a significant time and financial commitment. However, with the advanced PicoWay laser tattoo removal technology, Inklifters can provide results faster than anyone else in Utah—which means a lower cost for you.

How We Charge for Picolaser Tattoo Removal

The cost for PicoWay™ laser treatments is based on the size and density (percent of the area with ink vs. no ink) of the tattoo. The cost per square inch per tattoo removal treatment is $120. 

During your free consultation the Inklifters provider will measure your tattoo and give you a quote for your tattoo removal treatment.

To measure the size of your tattoo: Take a ruler and measure the length and the width of your tattoo in inches; multiply the two numbers together to get the size of your tattoo in square inches.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treament Packages

Inklifters offers PicoWay laser tattoo removal packages at a special rate. Discounts of 10-20% with the purchase of different treatment packages. Come in for a free consultation to learn more about the costs of tattoo removal in Utah county at Inklifters!

Within 3-6 treatments of your tattoo you can see up to a 75% reduction of ink.  There is no guarantee of removal. See our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions about tattoo removal.

Payment Options

You have several options when paying for your laser tattoo removal treatments at Inklifters in Utah.

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