Choosing a Provider for Tattoo Removal in Utah

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to give you a tattoo – don’t trust just anyone to remove it. 

You’ve decided it’s time to erase that unwanted body art; however, you may be unsure which laser tattoo removal provider is right for you.

Choosing the right facility for any laser-related treatment does take a little research, but remember, it’s your body! You deserve the best results possible.

Tips for Choosing a Provider for PicoWay tattoo removal

Unfortunately, at Inklifters, we have treated patients who have been scarred during laser tattoo removal at other clinics. Protect yourself by learning more about different laser technology and the laser removal process we offer at Inklifters in Utah.

Interview Laser Tattoo Removal Utah Providers

Not every doctor’s office with a laser should be trusted to perform laser tattoo removal. A good provider will have the best laser technology and the skilled personnel to operate it.


Ask which type of laser technology each potential provider uses; be sure it is specifically designed for laser tattoo removal in Utah.


Verify that the laser providers are licensed and have received extensive training.


Ask friends and family about their experiences with laser tattoo removal in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.


Read reviews online from past clients that have received PicoWay tattoo removal.

Ask Questions

Laser tattoo removal is a commitment of both time and money. That’s why a good laser clinic will spend the time to answer any questions you may have about their treatments.

Check our Inklifters gallery and FAQ page!

Be Wary of Guarantees

With any laser treatment (hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing), there are no guaranteed results because everyone’s physiology is different, actual results can vary greatly. Be cautious of any provider promising specific results for Pico laser tattoo removal.

Inklifters Results

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