Inklifters has been around since 2007

and has been the go-to tattoo removal for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas!

We have the background, training and experience that makes us the local experts in laser tattoo removal for SLC and its surrounding areas. Inklifters has performed thousands of treatments on Utahns looking to remove their unwanted ink.

The Inklifters treatment guarantee

During the initial assessment of your tattoo, our expert laser technicians take into account many factors that can impact our ability to remove your tattoo as well as the required number of treatments to remove your tattoo. Once you have been evaluated, one of our laser technicians will give you an estimate on the cost of your tattoo removal.

We stand by the quality of our work here at Inklifters Utah

It is important to be realistic and to set clear expectations when it comes to tattoo removal. There are many variables (ink type, skin type, tattoo age, tattoo depth, scarring, etc) that can prevent complete tattoo removal even with today’s technology.   With all of the factors and variables noted above, we cannot guarantee complete removal of any tattoo.

Our goal at Inklifters is to get you the best result possible.

The Inklifters guarantee is two fold.  First we won’t exceed your quoted price. Secondly, if upon completion of your treatment package you are not satisfied with your results we offer additional treatments at no charge. These additional treatments (either 3 or 6) are offered to you at no cost and depend on the treatment package purchased.