Get Inked

We're not anti-tattoo... But we have seen some bad ones.

At Inklifters, we know tattoos. We also know that they shouldn’t be done on a whim or by just anyone.   

Tips for Getting a New Tattoo

Test-Drive Your New Tattoo

Tattoos are long-term commitments. We constantly see people who want a tattoo, but shortly after getting one decide they don't like the design or location on their body.  Keep in mind we cannot begin the removal process unitl 6 months after the ink has 'dryed'.

Get a henna or airbrushed tattoo and "test-drive" it for 1 to 2 weeks. If you still like it, then make it permanent. The extra money and time will payoff.

Think Ahead…Far Ahead

Before getting a tattoo think about the design, location on the body, and color.

  • Will you still like it in 10 years?
  • Can the tattoo be hidden when desired or will it always be visible?
  • Will the colors be difficult to remove? 

Make a decision that will work for you and your lifestyle. Over time, people who get tattoos with meaning or who design their own are generally happier with their ink.

Choose a Good Artist

Just like you would with laser treatment providers, research your tattoo artist. It is your skin, a little due diligence will protect you from a bad ink.

Make sure to choose a clean tattoo shop with good equipment.
Ask for recommendations from family and friends and read reviews.
Be sure to review their portfolio or past work.

Below is a list of local tattoo providers we recommend: 

Tramp stamp

In Salt Lake County


Twenty Seven
Artist - Vic Black
(801) 906-8116

535 South 700 East
Salt Lake City

Heart of Gold Tattoo
Artist - Andrew King

853 East 400 South
Salt Lake City

Black Thumb
Artist - Oak Adams

131 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City

Hidden Lotus Tattoo

Artist - Jake Goss

(385) 259-0537

1154 South 300 West

Salt Lake City


Hydra Tattoo

Artist - Patrick Delvar


(801) 889-2711

47 E Kensington Ave.
Salt Lake City

Spots Union Tattoo
Artist - Pat

(801) 889-2711

1489 S Major St
Salt Lake City, Utah


















In Utah County

Convicted Ink
Artist - Lalo

283 North University Ave.

Savage Ink
James Savage

275 East State St
American Fork

Arcane Art
Artist - Kris VanLeuven

290 North State Street










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