What to Expect from PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ 

Leading laser technology means less discomfort & fewer treatments. 

The Picosecond technology behind the PicoWay™ and Picosure™ system ushers in a whole new era of laser tattoo removal. With so many advantages over older Q-switched lasers, it's difficult to pick the top ones, but here are just a few. 

Removal Time

With these new advanced Picosecond lasers from Inklifters, most tattoos can be removed in 3 to 6 treatments—MUCH faster than anything else in Utah!

The number of treatments required is based on several factors: 

  • Ink color(s)
  • Ink depth in the skin
  • Volume of ink in the skin,
  • Type of ink used
  • Patient skin pigment
  • Patient immune system

Black ink is the easiest for the laser to target, both the PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ lasers can effectively treat all colors of ink.

Inklifters recommends a 4 to 8-week waiting period between treatments.

Tattoo Removal Discomfort

The new PicoWay™ and PicoSure™ lasers are much less painful than the decodes ole Q-switched laser technologies. Pain and discomfort varies widely from person to person, but, as a benchmark you should expect a level of discomfort similar to that experienced when getting the tattoo.

You will not bleed or scar during a Picosecond treatment. Treatment of dark black tattoos may result in mild blistering similar to sunburn.

To ensure your comfort, Inklifters offers specially formulated prescription numbing creams and Zimmer Chiller technology. There is no additional charge for these services.

Treatment in Scarred Areas

If you have received laser tattoo removal somewhere else and experienced mild scaring, it may still be possible to remove the ink in the scarred area. Some ink in scarred tissue cannot be effectively removed, and we cannot predict how scar tissue will react to treatment.

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