Does InkLifters charge by the minute or by the size of the tattoo?

Inklifters @ Aesthetica charges by the size of the tattoo, not by the minute. Some clinics charge by the minute, which can can hurry patients through the treatment process, or prolong the treatment and can provide a less comfortable treatment experience. At Inklifters we proceed at your pace and will never hurry you through the treatment process.

How do I determine the size of my tattoo?

Take a ruler and measure the length and the width of your tattoo in inches. Then multiply the two numbers together. This is the size in square inches. Inklifters makes every effort to only charge for filled or "inked" space; we deduct the areas that are not filled from the total. 

How much does a consultation cost?

At Inklifters consultations are always free of charge. We want you to be both educated  and comfortable with the tattoo removal process. We will always spend the time to answer your questions and explain the process.

How expensive is laser tattoo removal?

The cost for laser tattoo treatments is based on the size and density (percent of the area with ink vs. no ink) of the tattoo.  During your consultation the Aesthetica technician will measure your tattoo and give you a quote for treatment. We charge $135 per square inch per treatment (based on inked area).  We sell treatment packages discounted 10%-20% depending on which treatment package is purchased.

A no pressure, no commitment free consulatation is the best way to understand the costs involved with tattoo removal from Inkifters.  We are the only tattoo removal providers in Utah to offer both the PicoSure and the PicoWay, the most advanced lasers for tattoo removal. 


What are my payment options?

Inklifters accepts all major credit cards. On package purchases you also have the option to pay 50% at the time of the first treatment and 50% at the time of the second treatment. Additionally, we offer third-party term financing options such as Care Credit.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

With the new advanced PicoSure and PicoWay lasers from Inklifters at Aesthetica, tattoos on average are reduced by 75% in 3-5 treatments.  In some cases the tattoo can be removed in 5-8 treatments.  Keep in mind, that everybody is different, so the number of treatments required is based upon ink color(s), ink depth in the skin, volume of ink in the skin, type of ink used, patient skin pigment, and patient immune system. These variables cannot be measured prior to treatment so it is not possible to accurately predict the needed number of treatments for complete removal.

The Picosecond technology behind the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers uses the safest technology available and has the lowest risk of scarring of any tattoo removal option. It's also MUCH faster than anything else available in Utah.

My tattoo is black, can it be removed?

During your consultation the colors in your tattoo will be specifically addressed. Most tattoos can be removed using the the Picosecond laser technology. Heavy black tattoos may not show visible progress for several treatments due to the depth and quantity of ink in the skin.

Can the colors in my tattoo be treated?

Yes.  With both the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers we are able to effectively treat all colors.  Remember that different colors respond differently to the lasers.  Also, skin type, ink type, and ink depth can affect the results of laser tattoo removal.  We have special settings and equipment on our lasers allowing the effective treatment of all colors, removing many completely. 

Does tattoo removal treatment hurt?

Pain and discomfort vary widely from person to person. To ensure your comfort Inklifters offers specially formulated prescription numbing creams and Zimmer Chiller technology. There is no additional charge for these services. As a benchmark, you should expect a level of discomfort similar to that experienced in getting the tattoo.

The new PicoSure and PicoWay lasers are much less painful than older laser technologies since they do not impact the skin the same way the older Q-switched lasers do.

Will I bleed or scar?

At Inklifters, the Picosecond technology behind the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers is not invasive, and does not break the skin.  Picosecond lasers do not break or damage the skin. On heavy black tattoos tiny bubbling may occur similar to a minor sunburn. When Inklifters post treatment instructions and aftercare directions are followed, scarring is unusual, but possible.  Minor blistering is a known side effect of laser tattoo removal treatments.

Note that older laser technology employed by many clinics is prone to cause scarring. Any laser that breaks the skin and causes bleeding or scabbing (VersaPulse or Ruby Red, and even the Q-switched) will likely lead to scarring. Technology is the key to safe and effective laser tattoo removal. Once scarred, it is much more difficult to remove tattoo ink because the ink becomes trapped within the scar tissue.

I had treatment at another clinic and have minor scarring. Can you help me?

Generally, yes. Tattoo removal can take longer because the minor scar tissue must dissipate before the ink can be released from the tissue. Some ink in scarred tissue cannot be effectively removed and we cannot predict how scar tissue will react to treatment.

Why do I wait 8 weeks between treatments?

Simply put, the laser activates your body's immune system. Your immune system then attacks the ink and purges it from the body the way any foreign substance or impurity is removed. The 8 week window between treatments allows your immune system time to do its job. Treating a tattoo more frequently will not expedite the removal process. In some situations, your Inklifters provider may even recommend a 8-12 week window between treatments.

Can you treat just a portion of my tattoo?

Yes. The new PicoSure and PicoWay lasers have the ability to treat a section of your tattoo while leaving other areas unaffected. This is especially effective when you want to change or fix part but not all of a tattoo.

How should I care for my tattoo before treatment?

The most important pre-treatment guideline is to avoid significant sun exposure or tanning for 14 days prior to treatment. We CANNOT treat sunburned or tanned skin.

How should I care for my tattoo after treatment?

Ice the area, as recommended by your Inklifters provider. Avoid significant sun exposure or tanning for 14 days. Usage of SPF 40 or greater sun block is (always) recommended, even under clothing. Although we do sell and recommend Skinceuticals hydrabalm ointment for the first full week after treatment.  Normal use of lotions and aloe products is safe after Picosecond laser treatments. 

No exercise or physical exertion for 24 hours after your laser treatment.

Can InkLifters remove permanent makeup?

Yes and No. We do not treat permanent makeup and caution against seeking laser treatment to remove or correct permanent makeup.  One risk is that the lasers can remove remaining eyebrow hair permanently. The other risk is that lasers may cause blindness if pulsed into the eye.  Permanent cosmetic inks can be metallic based and may not effectively respond to treatment or may permanently turn an unexpected color which then can't be removed.

Why InkLifters?

Inklifters is the only clinic specifically devoted to tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is the focus of what we do. Inklifters's goal is to provide customers the best technology, education, and service available in the tattoo removal marketplace.


Inklifters employs the best tattoo removal technology available, the amazing new PicoSure and PicoWay. Based on Picosecond technology, upon which these lasers are based, references the rapid firing technology behind the laser. It fires in "picoseconds" hence the name, PicoSure. The PicoSure laser is 15-150 times faster (pulses) than the old Q-switched lasers.  The shorter picosecond duration takes advantage of the photomechanical impact/stress (instead of heat) to shatter the ink into really small particles that the body is better able to absorb.Lasers are very use specific and technology can change over time. 


Inklifters believes customers should be educated about and understand the tattoo removal process. We will spend the time during your consultations and treatments to explain the tattoo removal process and answer your questions


Inklifters provides a comfortable and inviting clinical environment. We value your time and pledge to make your time spent in our office waiting for treatment as short as possible. We pride ourselves in making you feel confident in our people and our process. We call you after treatment to check up and address any questions you may have.

Are there any guarantees?

With any laser treatment procedure (tattoo, hair, skin, etc.) there are no guaranteed results. Every person's physiology and immune system are different.  Keep in mind that there are many variables that impact the effectiveness of tattoo removal, including ink types, age of tattoo, skin type, depth of ink in the skin, and others, to mention a few.  Also, when the tattoo is stubborn because of those variables it might take a few more treatments to remove.  Most tattoos can be removed but we can make no guarantees because of the variables listed above.  We can't measure those variables before, so we can't say how many treatments will be be needed, and if ultimately the tattoo will be completely removed.

 Inklifters Picosecond technology will provide the best results available.